What Keeps Us Going

Name: Mary E. Lowery


Time at GHMBC: 60+ years

Offices Held: President of: Pastor’s Aide, Ushers, Choir & Missionaries, 2nd Vice Chair of Ladies Auxiliary (GCMBA), Secretary of Bible School, Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher & Church Secretary.


What keeps you going: I’m looking for my crown. I have to keep going because I don’t believe Jesus had quitters. Even when things don’t look good, I have to push my way through. Another thing that keeps me going is seeing kids whom I’ve taught, grow up and come back and make a point to visit me.


Memorable Moment: My most memorable moments at Gold Hill is when my children gave their lives to the Lord. Other memories are of trips with the youth to Carowinds and The Duke Power State Park.


Message to the people: To Parents: Your children may not always go right, but keep praying! Take (not send) them to Sunday School and Youth Activities

Name: Blanche L. Thomason


Time at GHMBC: most of my life

Offices Held: Choir Member, served with Missionaries

What keeps you going: Being alive… just do it! Bible Study, I thank God for the strength to go!

Memorable Moment: I remember we liked to sing with Mr. Allen. (Lonnie Allen)

Message to the people: Come to church, get involved and help out however you can!

Name:  Helen Tate


Time at GHMBC: 68 years


Offices Held:  Choir Member, Missionary, Sunday School Teacher & Youth Leader


What keeps you going:  I don’t except “I can’t go!”  In order to keep going I have to strive.  In life you focus on what you can and will do, but never let it be that you just won’t do!


Memorable Moment:  I remember being one of Gold Hill’s Youth Leaders and taking 2 bus loads of children to Six Flags in Atlanta, GA.  1 of the buses broke down but we did get back home safe.


Message to the people:  When you make mistakes in life, don’t keep looking back… you have to do better!  If you look back, you’ll have a set back!

Missionary On the Hill

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